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Body composition analysis at Club 300

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Our Body Composition technology is more than just a simple measurement of weight or BMI. It provides a detailed analysis of your segmental fat, muscle, and total body water. This information allows us to identify areas of your body that may need extra attention and create a personalized plan to help you achieve your ideal body composition.

But that’s not all. Our Body Composition technology also measures and tracks inflammation, swelling, and joint injuries by comparing extracellular water to total body water. This information can be used to prevent injuries and optimize your recovery time, ensuring you can stay active and reach your fitness goals

At Club 300, we believe that a holistic approach to fitness is essential, and our Body Composition technology is a unique differentiator that sets us apart from other fitness clubs. By providing you with a comprehensive analysis of your body composition, we can create personalized fitness plans that target your specific needs and help you achieve your goals faster.

Welcome to Club 300, your neighborhood gym designed for the high-income, active, young professionals and couples of Tribeca. Our limited membership model ensures that you’ll receive personalized attention from the most advanced fitness and therapy professionals in Tribeca, New York City. As a locally owned and operated gym, we’re committed to providing our community with exceptional facilities, equipment, and amenities, all with a personal touch that you won’t find at national-chain big-box gyms.